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Kyouki ♥☆

HYD FINAL!!! I can't wait XD I am so psyched. I have season 1 and 2 on DVD and I watch them  constantly!

I love Tsukasa <3

But I think Honey and Clover would be pretty cool. I've read some of the manga, and Toma is a good actor... Plus, Sho was in an earlier version of the series (I think a movie) so that sells it for me XD

I would be interested to see Hanaikusa with Mao and Haikei Chichiesama with Nino...

I'm assuming if you're a MatsuJun fan, that you've seen Bambino, and Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo 3 and Kimi wa Petto and Gokusen and all that good stuff?


lol~~yeah tsukasa rocks!!

to tell u the truth, i watch hanadan every single week ever since hanadan 2 starts. hehe. i am so addicted to it. same goes with arashi. i will watch anything related to them before i go to bed and after i wake up. lol!

i watch honey and clover all coz of sho. lol~ but i had to admit that movie is a bit slow for me and i totally didnt get it for the first half of the movie. so i was just staring at sho whenever he was on screen. lol!

erm.. although i am Matsujun's fan, the only show of his that i didnt watch is Kindaichi, Kimi wa Petto and that SP drama of his.

lol~ i dont watch it coz 1)Kindaichi was the time when he is still a gangly teen and he is nt quite handsome b4 :) 2) i noe ppl say that KwP is funny n stuff but i cant bring myself to watch him acting as a pet and i really dun like his hair in that! ahaha~~

I guess u watch all of Sho's dramas n movies?

Kyouki ♥☆

Concerning Jun-sama...

1) Matsujun's teenage awkwardness is so cute :P

2) His pet acting in Kimi wa petto is absolutely adorable and awesome XD and I personally liked his hair, but thats just me.

3) Hanadan is the only show that can make me completely happy if I am really annoyed or upset. I watch it every chance I get :P

Concerning Sho <3

In fact, the only movies I have watched that he's been in are Pika*nchi and Pika**nchi Double... :# Which are awesome nonetheless...

I intend to watch more in the future but I have yet to get my hands on a source! >< I watched a clip from "Beautiful Game" where he kissed that girl for 16 seconds and made me totally jealous, but that's about it :P


oh ya...i did come across that clip of Sho and that girl in youtube. it was like 'wow~' lol! coz i nv seen him having a kiss scene before. lol! actually i was looking for his old drama. not sure wat is the title though but he acts as a pre-sch teacher.

anyway, here is some links where u can find some dramas or movies:



i tink some of it i watch it thru crunchyroll coz youtube kind of suck since they took down some of the dramas and movies. and some of it i join certain communities which has great arashi stuff but u need to login and stuff like that.


Kyouki ♥☆

I remember seeing a clip from that drama, where he's a preschool teacher. I remember Jun-sama guest starred in one episode.. can't remember what it was called though.. I'll look it up!! ><

i try to watch stuff on cruncyroll and it takes FOREVER to load so I gave that up. Yotube is ok for Bambino so I watch that there. But yeah, it would be way better if I could just download them so arigatou for the links <3

Kyouki ♥☆

Yoiko no Mikata!!!!!!!

That's what it's called! I Drama-Wiki'd it!

I want to watch it...


nodame cantabile is such a must watch!

please watch it and hope ull love it.




lol!! i will i will. :) but everytime i load it in crunchyroll, i ended up nt watching it coz of Arashi. i would either watch their shows or their performance. ahaha! i heard it is very good so i would probably give it a chance IF there is no more Arashi shows for me to watch (which is quite impossible!) lol~


oh ya~~ yoiko no Mikata. i only get to watch the first episode on crunchyroll but then if i am nt wrong, the user didnt upload the rest. wanted to dl it but it is in megaupload. megaupload hates me. lol~~

Kyouki ♥☆

i want to download it :P It looks really cute ^_^


I am super excited for Nino's special drama with Mao-chan!  I was totally shocked and happy at the same time when I found out that Mao-chan was going to star in a SP drama with Nino!  Plus, she sat in between Nino and MatsuJun in HnA!  ^___^  I'm a huge Hanadan fan, but I have to say that Nino and Mao looks pretty cute together! 

BTW.  I am also super excited for My Girl!  I can't wait to watch it...but we still have to wait until October...-___-  Oh well, in the mean while, we can watch Nino's SP!  Yatta!

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